5 Best Clinics for Invisalign in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

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Invisalign is quickly becoming the most popular teeth straightening treatment among adults, and Kuala Lumpur is no exception. If you’re in the Malaysian capital and want to get your teeth corrected using Invisalign, there are many highly regarded clinics to choose from. To make your search easier, here is a list of the five best clinics for Invisalign in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. All these clinics have very experienced dentists and orthodontists who specialize in Invisalign treatment. So whether you want to improve aesthetics or improve oral health, these five top-rated clinics can help you get that perfect smile!

Procare Dental

Procare Dental

Procare Dental is one of the leading dentists in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia when it comes to Invisalign treatments. With over 10 years of experience providing quality dental services and more than 6000 patients across Malaysia, Procare Dental is known for its friendly team, high-level dental care and professional service.

At Procare Dental, they understand that everyone has different needs when it comes to their smile; this is why they offer a range of treatments tailored directly to each patient’s needs. Their integrated centre for general, aesthetic and specialised dentistry ensures everyone gets the best possible care available today.

If you are looking for an Invisalign treatment in Kuala Lumpur, look no further than Procare Dental. They offer advanced treatment techniques with fast results and no down time, so you can be confident in the care you receive at Procare Dental. Not only that but their experienced staff will make sure your journey through Invisalign will be a pleasant one!

Beverly Wilshire Dental

Beverly Wilshire Dental

For those looking for an expert and cost-effective dental care option in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, look no further than Beverly Wilshire Specialist Dental Clinic. Established in 2014, the clinic has—since then—become one of the most reliable choices for top-of-the-line dental services. With a team of highly experienced and skilled experts, they offer multi-disciplinary dentistry under one roof.

Their commitment to delivering excellence can be seen through their multiple awards – both international and local – for excellence in dentistry, dental tourism and more! This makes them one of the best choices if you’re looking for Invisalign treatment. With Invisalign braces becoming increasingly popular due to the convenience it offers compared to traditional metal braces, Beverly Wilshire will ensure that you get a teeth straightening solution that not only works efficiently but also looks aesthetically pleasing at all times. Their team is dedicated towards helping you achieve perfect teeth without having to go through any sort of discomfort.

Moreover, being fully licensed by Ministry of Health Malaysia gives patients peace of mind knowing that they are receiving care from capable professionals who adhere with highest standard of practice guidelines established by the Ministry itself. So if you want quality dental care experience then Beverly Wilshire should definitely be your first choice!

ABC Dental Sdn Bhd

ABC Dental Sdn Bhd

ABC Dental Sdn Bhd is the leading dental clinic in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. With the most advanced and experienced team of dentists, they are dedicated to providing their patients with the highest standards of care. For those looking for quality Invisalign treatments in Malaysia, ABC Dental Sdn Bhd is a reliable choice as they are well-known for delivering successful results.

The team at ABC Dental Sdn Bhd has years of expertise performing Invisalign treatments that aim to help people achieve a flawless smile with minimal discomfort. Utilizing modern tools and equipment, their dentists specialize in creating beautiful smiles customized to each patient’s individual needs. They use evidence-based methods to achieve efficient results while ensuring maximum comfort for all clients. Moreover, their dedication to affordable pricing makes them one of the best options for quality dental services in Malaysia.

At ABC Dental Sdn Bhd, patients can rest assured that they will be receiving only the highest quality services as they uphold professional ethics, values, and standards while adhering to continuous learning so that each patient receives personalized service tailored to their individual goals and objectives. With unrivaled commitment to excellence in dentistry and orthodontics, ABC Dental Sdn Bhd is an ideal choice when it comes to achieving a beautiful smile through Invisalign treatments in Kuala Lumpur!

When it comes to the best Invisalign treatment for the residents of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, few dental clinics can compare to Whitesmile. As one of the leading specialist orthodontic practices in the area, they have a wealth of knowledge and experience treating patients with a wide range of needs.

Whitesmile Dental Clinic

Whitesmile Dental Clinic

Whitesmile provides comprehensive and effective orthodontic treatments that result in smiles that are both straight and beautiful. They specialize in braces and do a tremendous job making sure their clients’ teeth are aligned properly before any further work is done. Their state-of-the-art equipment means they can provide highly accurate results while avoiding unnecessary discomfort or long procedures that could cause stress on their clients’ mouths.

What truly sets Whitesmile apart from all other orthodontic providers, however, is its commitment to customer satisfaction. From start to finish, Whitesmile builds beautiful smiles through innovation using Clear Genesis retainers and teeth whitening treatments so patients can instantly enjoy their smile after taking off their braces. Moreover, its team of professionals travels around just to ensure the highest level of care tailored specifically for each individual patient’s needs; this includes fully digitized processes for both convenience and accuracy.

For these reasons, Whitesmile stands as one of the most reliable dentist providers for Invisalign Treatment in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and has successfully treated over 1,500 cases since its opening. With advanced technology combined with excellent service delivery at competitive prices – it’s no wonder why Whitesmile is continually praised as one of the best dental clinics out there!

Yap & Associates Dental Surgery


Yap & Associates Dental Surgery is an established dental clinic that has been providing superior quality care to the people of Kuala Lumpur for over 20 years. For many, this makes them a trusted and reliable choice when it comes to all aspects of dental care. Patients have come to depend on their expertise and dedication to providing the best possible results, which is why they are one of the top choices for Invisalign treatment in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

The team at Yap & Associates combines experience with fresh ideas and modern technology to offer personalized solutions designed with patient safety and comfort in mind. From initial consultation through final adjustments, each patient receives thorough care from skilled professionals who provide detailed information about every aspect of the Invisalign process. They understand that each individual’s needs are unique, so they take the time to understand their patients’ goals and develop a custom plan tailored specifically for them.

Beyond just treating patients – at Yap & Associates Dental Surgery, they care deeply about their customers’ overall oral health and wellbeing. From regular checkups to special treatments like Invisalign – courtesy reminders keep everyone up-to-date with recommended appointments or preventive treatments in order to protect against potential issues in the future. At Yap & Associates Dental Surgery you can feel confident that your smile will be cared for by experienced professionals who use proven methods backed by latest knowledge available in dentistry today!

What Makes a Reputable Clinic For Invisalign in Kuala Lumpur

When selecting a clinic for Invisalign, it’s important to do research and consider all factors. Here are the qualities you should look out for:

  • Professional experience: Make sure the staff at the clinic has experience and knowledge of Invisalign procedures, such as custom-fitting aligners for your teeth. This is especially important if you have any preexisting dental problems or need extra corrections in your smile.
  • Credentials: Check if the dentists and orthodontists at the clinic have advanced certifications in treating Invisalign cases and ask them how many successful cases they have completed. This will help ensure that they are qualified to provide safe and effective treatment.
  • Quality of service: Ensure that the clinic offers top-notch customer service with modern amenities, while having affordable prices compared to other similar clinics in Kuala Lumpur.•
  • Availability of equipment: A reputable Invisalign clinic should use modern 3D imaging equipment to ensure accurate results; ask about this when making enquiries about treatment options.
  • Aftercare services: Experienced clinics offer an array of post-treatment care services like regular follow-up consultations and free adjustments during active treatment periods so make sure to check if they offer these services before committing to any clinic.

Based on our research, out of the five clinics listed above, Procare Dental rates highly for its specialized Invisalign treatments in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia combined with excellent customer service and affordability.


All in all, before undergoing Invisalign treatment, it’s important to research and choose the right clinic. The five clinics highlighted here are the best places for residents of Kuala Lumpur to get Invisalign with experienced professionals and high-quality services. Whether you’re looking for a cost-effective option or want to ensure maximum comfort while achieving beautiful results, these clinics can help you reach your goal of having an improved smile! Therefore if you are considering Invisalign in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia we highly recommend Procare Dental as the number one choice due to its excellent reputation and quality service.

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